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Sustainability Consultants

Experts in Sustainable Design, Building Commissioning, & Energy Performance

Sustainability Consulting

We help Owners and AEC teams comply with code-based sustainability requirements. Our team operates as a go-to resource providing comprehensive or itemized services for third party certification programs and for troubleshooting challenging high performance projects.

We provide Design and Construction Phase documentation services, to complete all credits and exhibits required to demonstrate compliance with LEED Certification requirements.

Our team provides unprecedented expertise in the USACE's High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB) and Guiding Principles Verification standards. 

We help project teams comply with mandatory and prescriptive energy and environmental performance requirements in municipalities that require compliance with IECC/IGCC.

Our team is experienced with the documentation on behalf of designers and General Contractors who are working on projects that have SITES Certification requirements.

Our team has completed analyses for net zero projects on behalf of Owners, Architects, and Contractors who are working to develop the next generation of sustainability projects.

15% of our portfolio is based in projects that are in California. We are familiar with the mandatory and prescriptive provisions of the CalGreen code requirements.

We have worked with High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB) standards, WELL, Fitwel, National Green Building System (NGBS), and Enterprise Green Communities programs.

Building Commissioning

Our firm’s practice in commissioning is rooted in the Army Corps of Engineers Total Building Commissioning standards. We report to Owners and General Contractors who require a third party to witness and verify that MEP systems and the building envelope function as designed.

Our Commissioning Authorities (CxA) receive training from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). We are trained to add value during design, and identify issues prior to occupancy.

Our team provides design review, post-occupancy review, and seasonal testing services to help project teams add value to the commissioning process on high performance projects.

Our team provides registered architects and BECx Certified Agents to design review, conduct site observations during installation, and identify early issues in building enclosures.

We have extensive experience in USACE Total Building Commissioning Requirements, including Electrical (NETA), Mechanical, and Envelope commissioning requirements.

We are familiar with the code-specific requirements for commissioning in the current and previous editions of IECC/IGCC, including the acceptable sampling rates.

All new construction projects in California are required to comply with Title 24 commissioning. Our team has served school districts and private developers in complying with the requirement.

Existing building commissioning is an easy way that a building owner or operator can identify low hanging fruit for improving the energy performance of their facilities.

Technical Services

Our in-house architects and engineers on our team are trained in the use of software for energy modeling, life cycle assessment, benchmarking, and other studies that can help improve and verify the performance of new and existing buildings.

Our team includes Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) qualified technicians to complete on site inspections and Air Barrier Testing in compliance with specification requirements.

Our team includes NEBB Certified professionals who are experts in building science, engineering, and testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) services

Our in-house team uses eQuest to simulate energy performance for new and existing buildings, to help designers and owners make scientific decisions about high performance MEP systems.

We perform on-site indoor air quality assessments using equipment and methodologies that comply with the LEED indoor air quality assessment, before occupancy requirements.

Our team can help building owners and operators benchmark their facilities using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, in order to get Certified, improve performance, or meet code requirements.

Our team has experience with using existing Revvit models to document compliance with Life Cycle Assessment credits, and to demonstrate design reductions in environmental impacts.

Our team can help designers identify opportunities for meeting daylight requirements, in order to reduce electrical load and improve the energy efficiency and quality of indoor environments.